This is a semester course which if passed will carry .05 credit to high school.

Welcome to Earth and Space Science Adventures

Flipped Science Class

In this flipped class students do some traditional classwork lessons, like mini power points, lectures, readings, interactive labs and quizzes at home from their computer.  This frees up class-time for hands on labs, more chances to get teacher help on difficult worksheets or lap reports, more time to practice with teacher supervision and more team work with peers assisting each other.

flipped science

Welcome to Ms. Smith's English classes!

Each time you log in to my site you will need to look for your specific class information since I teach 7th grade English, 7th grade Honor's English, and 8th grade English.

Are you ready for a challenge?

All of my English classes will combine reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening into one English class. In all classes we will read challenging texts and novels, compare movies to print versions, write comparison/contrast, persuasive, and argument essays, as well as conduct research on a variety of topics, while incorporating correct grammar. We will be working together with partners and groups as well as individually.

Remember, a positive attitude is half the battle!

Welcome To Keyboarding!

This course is a resource for teachers at Joyce Clark Middle School who are learning to use Moodle in their classroom. This is a bacis course, and Maura Neill is the instructor.

There is a face to face component to this course, but over the summer videos may be added that step teachers through the how-tos of various parts of using Moodle. If anyone would like to enroll in this course and come to the actual face to face classes, please contact Maura to add your name to the list, but otherwise if you would simply like to enroll to see the powerpoint resources as they are added, and the videos that is fine too.

This course is being developed first and foremost for JCMS teachers, so will have to work around our school times. But once enough resources are uploaded it may be useful for others also.